1. Use Good Keywords
    You want keywords in your title. You want them in your body text. But not too much. It might be best to research on what type of keywords people search for and the competitiveness. Sometimes the best is to find high volume search keywords with low competitors. Let us know if you need any help on it.
  2. Outside Links
    You need back links. And you need them for trustworthy sources. Quality inbound links to other site are also good.
  3. Inside Links
    Internal links help drive traffic to older material. That is why we highly recommend having a sitemap at the footer of the website. It also helps your customers to navigate around your website.
  4. Social Signals
    Google isn’t super clear about how social signals affect search. But you can assume that having positive social signals and having a real presence on social is a must.
  5. Clean URLs Your URL structure must be clean (Use Permalinks).
    Don’t clog it up with numbers and meaningless letters. Don’t use URLs with ?id=123&page=2 this lowers your seo ranking greatly.
  6. Use a Few Good SEO Tools
    Not all of them are good. Just use the good ones.
  7. Error Free Content That Loads Fast
    Great content is why your readers come to you. So you need that. There’s no faking it. And loading fast means keeping your site (and any advertising on it) streamlined. Cache your website and invest into high speed servers. People keep asking me why don’t we use servers that is $80USD per year, but rather spend $350+ USD per year? Having slow speed servers will result you in losing customers since they might need to take over a minute to load an image? Another major factor is SEO ranking is based on your loading speed of your website.
  8. Meta data
    Use meta descriptions, description and tags wisely. Name images well.  These are ways of communicating with Google about what your content is really about.
  9. Good Content
    This one is so important it’s in the list twice. Write for humans, not for SEO robots. Rewriting and plagiarizing will hurt you.
  10. Publishing Frequently
    Web crawlers and spiders visit website more frequently when content is published at regular intervals.

We have another quick tip for you to rank higher in Google Search Engine. We have had several customers that ranked from page 5 to page 1. If you are interested make sure you contact us for more information.