Many people keep asking me the question “Does our web hosting server affect SEO Ranking? If so why?”.

As most of you don’t know Google uses page load speed as a ranking factor when deciding where to place your website in Search Engine Results. If you care about SEO and want to see your website appearing in Google for certain keyword you’re targeting, you will need to ensure your pages are loading fast for users.

Here are a few tips when you are planning your website development:

  • Make sure you invest in renting a quality web server
  • Consider upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server, which will be able to handle the load with ease. Share hosting might ‘choke’ with the number of HTTP requests, resulting in pages to load slower for users and sometimes may not load at all
  • Use Pingdom to check your website speed.
  • You can consider caching your website or compress your java / css files
  • Remember you pay what you get. If you use a cheap share hosting plan you should expect the host to squeeze in as many accounts as possible into a server which will slow down your website

Most importantly you don’t want your customers waiting for your website to take so long to respond, you will be literally killing your sales and revenue. Today, the key to drive more sales and conversion is the combination of effect content with faster loading speed of your website.

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