Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become a necessity for companies. By promoting on an official company Facebook Fan Page, brands can push their products or services in a much more cost effective way. Facebook can reach your target audience based specific demographic, ages, interest, etc. Though various online strategies we can help you to gain fans and direct those fans to boost their sales. There are numerous of discussions on the online platform everyday. Amongst them there will always be negative comments that can be found. To prevent them and turn them into a public relationship criss or narrow the company’s loss we have to monitor the brand’s image by specific keywords. Our professional analysts will collect data from form, Facebook, Blog and news platform so as to analyze the situation and provide recommendations. Marketing insights will be gained from regular self “health check”, competitors or industry analysis as well.


  • Facebook Fan Page brand identity, cover image and profile image
  • Facebook application development and Fan Tabs
  • Facebook fan page management, content product and fans interaction
  • Facebook advertising service by boosting feeds and increase impression
  • Facebook fan page analysis and reports