Top 5 marketing trends of this year

The online marketing industry is very volatile. Marketing trends change very often. You should always be updated with the market trend to stay competitive. Here are the five marketing trends of this year.

Video ads

Video ads are the trend now. Companies are placing ads in social channels, including YouTube. People are now attracted to videos online. The trend will continue, and we can expect more video ads in the coming days. The options for video ads are limitless.

App indexing

This will lead to various apps. Google offers app indexing. Dedicated apps provide good online visibility. These are very effective in attracting the mobile crowd. Apps now can do everything websites can do. But apps are more convenient, intuitive and accessible.

Mobile will dominate desktop

People are using mobile for everything. They use it to communicate, browse the Internet, pay bills, make purchases, etc. The mobile traffic is now more than the desktop traffic. So, mobile-focused marketing is the trend now.

Digital assistants

SEO and PPC are two kinds of popular online advertising strategies. These help to increase the visibility of sites. The rise of the digital assistant is going to give a new form of optimization.

Virtual reality

Many virtual reality devices will be released in a few years. These will be for applications like video games. So, these will give users a new level of experience.

These trends will remain for quite some time. So, companies need to adopt these technologies to stay in the competition and grow their business.