Why use WeChat Offical Account?

  • Free to download
  • Supports 20 Languages
  • Supports 6 Operating Platform
  • Allows phone number registration in over 200 countries
  • Reached No. 1 in Social Networking on iOS in 70 countries

How many users are using Wechat?

Wechat reaches 355 million at the end of 2013, an increase of 121 percent year on year. Wechat has intensifying efforts to attract overseas users such as having Messi as their global marketing campaign. It doubled it’s international footprint to 100 million users in three months last year, and earlier this year it passed 100 million downloads on Google Play internationally.


Data Analysis

  • Rich media message data analysis
  • Followers analysis

Membership Integration

  • Integrates your membership database with Wechat accounts.
  • Integrates payment method including credit card

Wechat Functions

Base Functions

The base package includes about us, contact information and brand story.

Tracks Logistic

User can track shipping information after purchasing. Users just have to input tracking reference number to trace the parcel.

Loyalty Program Points

Users can get bonus points joining the Official Account. These points can be used to redeem discounts or gifts.

Push Message

We can push message every week to market new seasonal products or promotions.

Scan QR Code to Enjoy Discount

While doing advertisement you can add QR code and encourage people to scan the QR to join the WeChat Official Account. If users scan QR code from advertisements they can receive rewards.

Gifting Promotion

When users purchase the products can choose to redirect the QR code to their friends. With the redirected code users can redeem the gift by filling up the shipping information.

Wechat Daily Draw

When added the Official Wechat Account to register for the WeChat Daily Draw to win the daily prize with 10k credit spending.

Require the game piece combination to win the corresponding prizes. WeChat act as the Grand Prize sponsor in this part.

Search Closest Location

With WeChat function we can search the closest location of the closest Store. By doing this we can also research locations where people are trying to find the shop and target each users individually.